Group Counseling 

Group counseling is a great way to find support in your community members. People can share their experiences, or just listen and realize that they are not alone in their journey. 

Learn To Cope

Learn To Cope offers weekly meetings across Massachusetts, which provide support for people whose family member is struggling with addiction


In the Rooms

Offers directory of support groups for addicts to begin their recovery.

AA Meetings

Local groups that meet weekly in and around Massachusetts that support Alchoholics looking to begin their recovery



Support groups for friends and family of alcoholics.

508- 366-0556

Samaritans of Merrimack Valley 

Offers support groups for people who have lost someone to suicide or people who have survived a suicide attempt. More info about these support groups here:



Narcotics Anonymous   

A support group for people struggling with an addiction who are looking for support on their journey to sobriety


South Bay Mental Health 

Group counseling for people who suffer from mental illness and groups for addiction